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Can You Find Out a Cell Phone Owner By Number

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Can You Find Out a Cell Phone Owner By NumberSometimes you just have to find out a cell phone owner by number. There are many reasons for this and my time spent working in private investigations found this was one of the most common inquiries and something we performed time and time again.

The reasons were many and varied but there were a few common themes that cropped up time and time again. Some of these were:

Finding possible cheating lovers via their cell phone histories.
Uncovering prank callers names and place of residence.
Unmaking threatening callers to take the matter to the police.
Getting information about clients and possible business partners for companies
Finding out if potential boyfriends were really who they said they were.
And of course, simple curiosity.

What is a Reverse Cell Phone Number Search?
The process to find out who owns a particular cell phone number is commonly called a Reverse Cell Phone Number Search or something along those lines. This reflects that fact that in a regular phone directory you would look up a name and then get the number but a reverse lookup is where you have the number and want to go in reverse and find the name instead.

You will not find a paper book like this however as the only way you can do this is online and you also cannot simply go to the yellow pages or any major phone directory online wither. If they have a reverse search service it will only target residential numbers not cell phone numbers. You need to access a specific reverse cell phone directory for this.

A reverse cell phone directory is a website with a huge database of cell phone numbers and details of their owners such as name, address, phone carrier and sometimes more. You simply enter the mystery number into a search box and this is then cross checked for a match … when found it returns all that information to you in moments!

Why do Reverse Cell Phone Directories Exist?
Some may be wondering why your regular yellow pages do not do allow you to find out a cell phone owner by number while other directories will.

This is because residential and business landlines are public domain. This means that there is a law that says this information must be available to all citizens. Having an unlisted number therefore is not making it impossible to find it is just asking a directory to remove it. That number is still held by a central authority and can be accessed if needed.

Cell phones on the other hand are not available by law to be known. They are not protected by law though but there is no place that is charged with holding all cell phone numbers and owner details. This is where reverse cell phone directories come in …

A reverse cell look up site is a privately owned company that has purchased, found and collated a huge amount of cell phone data from various companies, online and other means to make a huge database of cell phone numbers that they must continually work to make more complete.

The reasons these sites exist is that people want to know and they have made a business that can deliver information to people in desperate need.